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Ways of Being Co-op

The four Ways of Being Co-op guide our future – no matter what we do, they’re how we do it.

Being Co-op is about creating an environment that celebrates difference. Somewhere both students and colleagues feel responsible, valued, empowered and trusted to do the right thing for each other and our community.

They are:


Do what matters most

What matters most is ensuring that our students achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • We all focus on doing the right things for our colleagues, students, parents and communities
  • We’re straightforward. We say what we will do simply and honestly, and we do it
  • We challenge when things aren’t right – we don’t look the other way
  • We earn trust from each other because we always do the right thing
  • We use our resources carefully, so that we can get the most from them and build a strong future together

Be yourself, always

We bring our best self to work, so that we each contribute a bit of our own unique Co-op difference, and respect others for doing the same. Of course, being yourself isn’t about excusing poor behaviours that contradict our other Ways of Being Co-op.
  • We’re confident about who we are and know that it’s okay to be ourselves at work
  • We inspire everyone to do their best because we value what they do and we lead by example
  • We’re open to change and challenge. Having lots of different points of view means we can come up with better ideas
  • We’re pioneering - we always look for new ways of doing things so that we get even better
  • We’re authentic, so we do things the same when working alone or with the whole world watching

Show you care 

We care about our Co-op, our colleagues, our members, our students, their parents and communities, now and for the future.
  • We’re down to earth and we show this in all the things that we do
  • We all take ownership – if we know we can make something better, then we do it
  • We always make sure we do things fairly and responsibly
  • We listen to people because we care about them
  • We help our communities, because that’s what makes us different

Succeed together 

Co-operating is what makes us different; we’re better and stronger when we work together.
  • We know that our team has to come first, because when we work together we will become a stronger Co-op
  • We involve people, because we value their ideas
  • We all contribute to making the Co-op Academies an enjoyable place to work and learn
  • We respect each other for being ourselves and we know the value we each bring to our Co-op
  • We support each other. We know that it’s okay to learn from our mistakes and great to share success together