Vice Principal

  • Contract type - Permanent
  • Salary range - L20 - L24
  • Location - Co-op Academy North Manchester
  • Closing date - February 24, 2020

The role of the Vice Principal is to ensure that the highest standards of behaviour, safeguarding, attendance and inclusion are secured for all pupils across the academy. The successful candidate will be extremely ambitious for our pupils and work hard to ensure that pupils are able to leave the academy, equipped to lead a happy and successful life. The vision and values of our Academy and those of The Trust are at the heart of all that we seek to achieve and will be evident through the work of the Vice Principal.

Strong leadership has been at the heart of our success. The Vice Principal will be a committed and reflective individual with the ability to both inspire and empower others to realise the academy’s vision.They will have the ability to line manage key areas of the academy so that further success can be achieved.The Vice Principal will also work with the Senior Vice Principal and the Principal to oversee the strategic direction of the academy and be able to translate this into tangible success.

The Vice Principal will both understand and implement the Co-op’s Ways of Being of: Succeed together, Show you care, Be yourself always, and Do what matters most, as well as the academy’s own values. They will understand the unique importance of each, as well as how they must be implemented together to ensure that our vision is achieved.

The Vice Principal will be committed to ensuring that pupils have the support and resources that they require to overcome any barriers to learning and any challenges which they may face. They will ensure that the Safeguarding/PSHE/SMSC and the Careers curriculum continues to be a strength of the school, ensuring that pupils develop a range of skills that enable them to be confident to be who they want to be. A broad range of student leadership opportunities exist for our pupils. Pupils are not only encouraged to take part in these, but to demonstrate a tangible impact across many different areas of the academy and beyond and the Vice Principal will be expected to further develop this area. In addition, the Vice Principal will ensure that we continue to make a positive contribution to our local community


If you are interested in applying and would like to have an informal discussion about the role with the Principal or Senior Vice Principal, please contact

Please return your completed application electronically to:
All applications will be acknowledged on receipt.

The closing date for applications is Monday 24th February 2020. The recruitment panel will agree a short-list of candidates who will be invited to an interview during
week beginning 2nd March 2020.

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