Lunchtime and Play Supervisor.

  • Contract type - Lunchtime and Play Supervisor - Hours (1hr 15 mins daily) 6h 15mins (weekly)
  • Salary range - Grade: NJC Grade A2
  • Location - Co-op Academy Brownhill
  • Closing date - February 25, 2022

Lunchtime and Play Supervisors at Coop Academy Brownhilll have an essential role in helping to realise the visions and values set out in the school’s policies. The opportunities which lunchtimes offer for children to play sociably, outdoors and in environments that enhance play are very valuable experiences for their well-being and development. Lunchtime and Play Supervisors should make a valuable contribution to the management of the school and the care and well-being of the children. Happy and playful lunchtimes are an important part of the school day allowing children to eat, socialise and experience the benefits of freely chosen play.


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