Director of Behaviour and Attendance

  • Contract type - Permanent | full time
  • Salary range - L22 - L26
  • Location - Flexible - required to work at one of our three Hubs (West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester or Staffordshire and Merseyside)
  • Closing date - March 25, 2022

Thank you for your interest in applying to become our Director of Behaviour and Attendance.

As our Trust continues to grow, this role is key to creating an outstanding culture of challenge and support for our academies. Providing the best for our students.

Our Trust is different because of the values we uphold, in everything we do. Our ‘Ways of Being’ help us to maintain that focus and this role will have that mindset built inherently into it. To have an inclusive education programme, we must adopt the Ways of Being and ensure we do what matters most for some of the most vulnerable students in our care. We show we care by doing right by them, whilst maintaining the highest standards for all to aspire too. We recognise those endeavours, celebrate them, and support every student to thrive.

Attendance is critical. Never more so now, and together we must ensure our most vulnerable get the support they need. However, we intend to push further on and appoint somebody who’ll oversee our attendance strategies. Somebody with the ability to work directly with our academy colleagues, establishing the highest expectations of ourselves and students.

Behaviour is likewise important but in a very different way. Making sure that positive learning behaviours are maximised is critical for our students to thrive. Our systems and structures must be robust enough to support and address the small number of students needing support. Having a fully inclusive approach to supporting our students is key.

The role is perfect for a highly driven and successful senior leader. Somebody who wishes to take the next steps in developing their strategic impact on student support. The successful candidate will be as capable and assertive as our Principals and Headteachers, but with an interest to continue their career along a different route. Alternatively, they may wish to consider their next steps to be a Principal and move back into school leadership in the future.


If you have any questions about the role, we will be making a number of sessions available to interested candidates.

Please contact Ian Burchett for this:

Completed applications should be sent to HR via:

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