The Newsletter

The Newsletter

Each fortnight, the Newsletter is emailed to parents and carers of Co-op Academy Walkden. The newsletter is packed full of news, information, and student achievements. From September 2020, you will also be able to find the newsletter here. We welcome your feedback on our Newsletter, so please do contact us.

Make a contribution

If your son/daughter has achieved something fantastic in school or outside of school that you think we should be celebrating, please get in contact with our Communications and Marketing Officer.

We love hearing about the sporting and academic achievements of our wonderful students and we want to celebrate with you.

Equally, if you attended Walkden High School or Co-op Academy Walkden and have achieved something amazing since your have left, we would love to showcase this in our Newsletter. So, if you think you could inspire the next generation at Co-op Academy Walkden, get in touch.

The Newsletter


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