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Supporting families and keeping the ‘sparkle’ in lockdown

When I was asked to write this Blog, I knew immediately that I wanted to write about families and how we support them at Co-op Academy Delius. First I want…

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How to adapt- making Year 6 to 7 transition virtual

In normal times as Director of Transition I would be very busy having face to face meetings with all the Year 6 staff. Getting to know the students coming into…

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Managing wellbeing during lockdown

In my normal life I am always busy, moving around school checking in on my year 7 students, planning and teaching, as well as first aid, break duty and a…

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A day in the life of Mr. Trower

Normally, I’m in school, sat behind my desk by 7.10am every morning. My partner teacher (Mrs. Hopkins – maths leader and all-round legend) is in by 7.40am and we take…

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Dissolving egg shells in vinegar- Science experiments during quarantine

So I’ve just been asked to write a blog… Never done one of these so be nice to me! I’m told that one of the reasons is my twitter account…

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