TeenTech Challenge ‘City of Tomorrow’

TeenTech Challenge ‘City of Tomorrow’

Our primaries took part in TeenTech’s ‘City of Tomorrow’ challenge. 

TeenTech is an award winning charity that helps students see the wide range of career possibilities within science, technology and engineering.

To get them thinking about the world of technology, TeenTech set pupils the challenge of working in teams to design and make futuristic buildings that could change the World. 

“Year 5 liked the idea of TeenTech because it was very creative – finding problems in the local area or worldwide and then finding solutions to this. This was doing something very different and they enjoyed the challenge!

Children enjoyed thinking about technology (how technology has changed overtime and become more advanced and is ever changing) and liked the challenge to use technology in their buildings” Miss Juneja, Co-op Academy Princeville Year 5 Teacher 

The buildings designed ranged from libraries with gardens on the roof to animal hospitals where robot animals kept the real ones company. 

The buildings were made during online sessions with TeenTech’s team of experts. 

Pupils then came together for the Project Showcase to show off their skills and explain how they designed and made their buildings. 

“It’s been very exciting to work with Co-op Academy students on TeenTech City of Tomorrow. Their ideas for a smarter, kinder and safer future have been inspiring. They’ve tackled big issues such as homelessness, climate change and crime and focussed on solutions impressing our experts who are looking forward to sharing their feedback on the showcase day.

It’s really important for children to understand that in our fast changing world every job will involve skills which frequently combine technical, creative and social ability. This programme has given them an opportunity to do this and also to see how they should aim not only to live in the future but to be the ones who are shaping  it too. TeenTech makes sure their voices are heard.” – Maggie Philbin OBE, CEO TeenTech.

Take a look at some of the buildings of pupils made! 👇