September Message from Chris Tomlinson, CEO

September Message from Chris Tomlinson, CEO

Welcome back to all, I hope you had a good summer and great first week back at school. 

September is such a crucial month and sets the whole tone for the rest of the academic year so I hope it goes well for you.

After a challenging 18 months, it’s great to hear so many outstanding stories of student success. Well done to all our brilliant students and thank you to all my wonderful colleagues who did a great job in difficult circumstances this year with all qualifications. The results were really well deserved by all our students and congratulations to you all.

A big thank you to all colleagues that contributed so positively at our eleven summer schools across both primary and secondary. I very much enjoyed seeing what was going on through your posts on Twitter. It’s clear the pupils had an excellent time and it really shows their academy really does care about them. Excellent effort. 

We will be continuing this year with our weekly Colleague Thanks, something I look forward to every Friday. 

Remember to look after yourself, and know that it’s okay to say you need help. All of our Wellbeing resources, including support provided by Bupa can be found on our Colleague Portal

Dr Chris Tomlinson, CEO