Championing young people at our Secondary Student Voice Conference

Championing young people at our Secondary Student Voice Conference

This week representatives from all 12 of our Secondary Schools made the journey to One Angel Square to take part in the Student Voice Conference, a bi-annual event hosted by our CEO, Dr Chris Tomlinson. 

This event is designed to give students the opportunity to meet with Dr Tomlinson, share their voice and have a real input on their education.

Throughout the day students presented on what they have been doing and what would make a difference to them in their academy.

Offering a day where students get to meet with other students in our Trust, network and really get to see the positive difference they make is fantastic. They brainstormed ideas, asked questions and heard more about what being part of Co-op Academies Trust really means. 

The Student Council at Co-op Academy Manchester presented to share more about student leadership and the importance of making a positive difference in their local community.

There were some brilliant examples of student voice being valued, from the uniform policy changing after students voted to introduce leggings in P.E, to adding a ‘speak up’ button on computer devices where students can reach out for any support needed. Students are even encouraged to observe lessons and give feedback to teachers! Co-operation at its finest!

Our Co-op Young Leaders, from Co-op Academy Stoke-on-Trent, also presented to share more about the difference they’re making.

From introducing ‘ASK Project’, a project put in place to help make the move to secondary easier for new Year 7’s, to ‘Literacy Leaders’ where students help younger students with their reading – encouraging those that need additional support whilst building on their own leadership skills. 

Connell Co-op College students talked to us about their experience being in the Co-op Young Business Leaders programme.

The programme is paid work experience at Co-op and is all about empowering and enabling Connell students to prepare for life after college. Taking part in the programme led one student to her job at Co-op Live as a Digital Content Creator!

Our secondary students were fascinated to find out more and asked so many questions. 

Thank you to everybody who came and of course our fantastic students for their input and ideas.

Check out more from the day below.