A Message from our CEO, Dr Chris Tomlinson

A Message from our CEO, Dr Chris Tomlinson

The academic year 21/22 has been a difficult one for many reasons, so we are pleased that the pupils and staff were rewarded for their hard work and commitment with a positive set of SATS results this week. Thank you to staff and well done to all Year 6 pupils. It was a tough year to take SATS exams and our pupils and staff showed real resilience. 

We were particularly pleased with the results achieved by Co-op Academy Friarswood and Co-op Academy Princeville which showed some real progress in Reading and Maths compared to 2019. With the national picture showing a 6% decline in the combined figure for Reading, Writing and Maths to show improvement was an excellent outcome. 

The new schools who have recently joined or about to join also did very well, with a really strong set of results. Welcome and well done to Co-op Academy New Islington and Glebe Academy, we are looking forward to year on year improvement in both Co-op schools.

Thank you to all of our teachers across the trust in supporting our Year 6s through their SATs. The work you do makes a real difference.

Thank you 

Dr Chris Tomlinson