Making a change through social action

Making a change through social action

Our secondary academies recently took part in the launch of the 2022 Envision Programme, in partnership with Co-op Foundation. This is our third year participating in the programme!

Envision is a UK Charity who specialise in using social action as a vehicle for young people.

During the launch, students from each academy worked together to create and plan their own social action campaign. They chose projects that’ll help make a positive difference in their school or local community. Projects they feel passionate about bringing to life. Every academy’s idea is a true reflection on our students and their care for building a better society. Seeing the students’ passion to make a positive change is fantastic!

Jo Sykes, Director of CEIAG at the Trust said, “The launch event was fantastic. Students were able to really think about ways to tackle issues in the communities we share. Our students got to see what it feels like to be part of Co-op Academies Trust and meet students outside of their own academy.

We got to see the real impact a programme like this can have – their competitive nature and the way they were brainstorming together was wonderful to see. It’s a brilliant way for students to build their confidence and gain employability skills that’ll help when moving into their chosen careers. There was a real buzz about the day and I can’t wait for the next event in May to see our students pitch their ideas!”

At the second event in May, they’ll be pitching to gain seed-funding that’ll help bring their projects to life – providing them the chance to tackle issues important to them and to really see their work make an impact.

During the final graduation event in June, our students will present the outcomes of their project, sharing the reach it had as well as evidence of making a positive change. We can’t wait to see their results!

The benefits of this programme for our students are endless. Envision is an Impact Level 3 partner of Skills Builder Partnership and has worked closely with them to devise the ‘Envision Essential Skills Framework’. By the end of the programme, students will have:

  • developed their teamwork, determination, creativity, and communication skills through delivering a youth-led social action project
  • built their confidence through interacting with a range of people
  • deepened their understanding of how to be an active citizen and make a positive change

Andy Mortimer, Head of Comms at the Co-op Foundation said, “I’m delighted that our charity, the Co-op Foundation, has partnered with Co-op Academies Trust once again to help students learn about co-operation and get involved in projects that improve local communities. Work is funded through a £165,000 grant from the Foundation’s #iwill Fund to our youth social action partner, Envision.

Envision is working with 10 Co-op Academies from across the north west to help students campaign on issues that matter to them. We kicked off our programme at the Etihad football stadium earlier this month. Students came up with lots of exciting ideas for campaigns while also learning how co-operative values can benefit their community.”