Do you have a big ‘Green Idea’?

Do you have a big ‘Green Idea’?

Connell Co-op College are currently running a competition for students across Manchester as part of both the 2022 Our Year campaign and to coincide with us hosting the Bee Green Education Summit in June.

The competition: 

  1. Pitch a green idea to your school. 
  2. Get school to act upon it. 
  3. Produce a report assessing the impact/potential impact.
  4. Create a poster explaining the key features/impact. 
  5. Submit it by Friday 10 June.

Shortlisted entries will be invited to present their report and display their posters at the Summit on Thursday 30 June. Judging will be age appropriate. Exciting prizes for the best ideas with the most impact.

We want as many children and young people as possible from across Manchester to take part so that they can help shape a future that’s green, sustainable and healthy. 

To find out more about the competition and to take part, head to:

2022 Our Year

The 2022 Our Year campaign aims to create a programme of activities, opportunities and experiences for children and young people across Manchester to help them shape theirs and their city’s futures post-Covid. Find out more.

Connell organised another 2022 Our Year competition earlier this year. Where the Art, Poetry and Short Story Competition reaped some beautifully creative results. Take a look at the blog about the event and some pictures from the awards ceremony!

Bee Green Education Summit

The Bee Green Education Summit will give Manchester’s education leaders – head teachers, business managers and governors – the opportunity to learn about different issues and solutions associated with climate change in educational settings. Advice, resources and tools will be provided to support Manchester’s education settings to be greener.

Sign up for the summit! –

Day session: Bee Green Education Summit – Day Session Tickets, Thu 30 Jun 2022 at 09:00
Evening session: Bee Green Education Summit – Evening Session Tickets, Thu 30 Jun 2022 at 16:00

Joe Mulvihill – Marketing and External Communications Project Manager, Connell Co-op College