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Is my school eligible to be a Co-op Academy?

Is my school eligible to be a Co-op Academy?

We receive numerous emails and telephone calls from prospective schools and academies seeking guidance on whether they would be a ‘good fit’ for our Trust. You can contact Chloe Trebble,, to arrange a chat.

To assist, we have produced a short checklist that may help guide you. If you can answer yes to all of these questions, then you’re probably good fit for our Trust?

  • Are you located within c.20 miles of Stoke-on-Trent, Manchester, Liverpool or Leeds city centre?
  • Are you determined to improve your school/academy so that it offers the highest quality education possible in an inclusive and supportive environment?
  • Are you an existing co-operative school/academy or a firm believer in the value and benefits of a co-operative and ethical approach?
  • Are you able to support the Trust’s strategic plan and engage fully with our sponsor, the Co-op Group?
  • Are you willing to provide support to our existing academies and open to receiving support and advice in return?
  • Are you aware that we levy a 3% charge for central trust costs but this includes excellent support and guidance for school improvement, finance, HR, communications and governance?
  • Are you aware that our local governing bodies retain significant authority but are accountable to the Trust Board who determine the strategic direction of the Trust?
  • Are you enthusiastic to tap into the benefits of being sponsored by one of the world’s largest consumer co-operatives including having a small number of its senior staff join your governing body?
  • Do you understand that the appointment of Directors to the Trust board is based on their skills, expertise and experience? One Headteacher and one chair of governors drawn from the Trust’s academies have a place on the Trust board.