Our Aims

Our Aims

Our learners will:

  • maximise their opportunities to succeed
  • have the right to be listened to and respected as individuals
  • understand and celebrate the diversity of their community
  • develop self-reliance and a love of learning
  • be a positive influence on their community and their world

Our staff will:

  • dedicate themselves to achieving the best outcomes for all learners
  • fully understand their roles and responsibilities, and be accountable for their impact
  • develop their skills and knowledge in pursuit of the highest standards
  • work creatively to implement outstanding practice
  • be inspiring lifelong learners

Our leaders will:

  • work together as effective advocates for our community
  • deploy their resources flexibly and imaginatively to secure best value
  • adopt robust and innovative ways of using data to track progress
  • support and challenge their teams to achieve sustained and sustainable improvement.
  • be highly effective champions of teaching and learning

Our schools will:

  • have a values-driven and enterprising culture
  • deliver teaching and learning that is consistently good and outstanding
  • raise levels of attainment and aspiration for all
  • enrich the educational, social and cultural life of the community
  • be a supportive and caring environment for staff, learners and their families