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Sharing our Pronouns

Last week we emailed our nearly 3000 colleagues about pronouns. 

Last week we emailed our nearly 3000 colleagues about pronouns. 

So what are pronouns? 

“Gender pronouns aren’t new though. We use them all the time to identify and refer to someone. Describing people as ‘he’ or ‘she’, groups of people as ‘they’ or ‘them’

What some people may not know is there are many valid gender-neutral pronouns that are becoming increasingly common. This would include the use of the singular ‘they’ or ‘ze’. “

From Stonewall

Creating an inclusive culture starts with all of us role modelling inclusive behaviour. So we encourage our colleagues who feel comfortable to share their pronouns in their colleague email signature and any social media. 

This simple gesture makes it easier for our trans or non-binary colleagues and students to share theirs. 

We also respect our colleagues’ right not to share their pronouns, as this is often a deeply personal thing for people. 

Not everyone is comfortable sharing their pronouns straight away, so if you are unsure, refer to people by their name or politely ask them what pronouns they use. 

Don’t be offended or surprised if someone asks you what your pronouns are. This is often a way to open up a conversation so the other person can tell you theirs. It has also become more common in professional and educational settings as a way to create a comfortable and safe space for others to share. 

If you are comfortable and confident with sharing your own pronouns it can be reassuring to others that they can do the same. 

Pride is the perfect time for this. A time when communities come together and protest the inequalities many people still face. It’s a positive step on the journey to better inclusivity. 

How do I add my pronouns?