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Co-op Academy Nightingale receive Good Ofsted rating

Co-op Academy Nightingale, in Harehills, has been rated Good by Ofsted and commended for the value added to their most disadvantaged student

Co-op Academy Nightingale, in Harehills, has been rated Good by Ofsted and commended for the value added to their most disadvantaged students. The school was founded in 2014 as Co-op Academies Trust’s first free school, and opened in partnership with Leeds City Council, to meet the needs of the growing population in the area.

The school now teaches 420 children and serves a diverse community. Ofsted complimented their ability to not only support their growing pupil numbers, but also achieve real progress for their most vulnerable students. 

The school was also rated Good in 2017 and has maintained this rating across all 5 inspection areas;

  • The quality of education
  • Behaviour and attitudes
  • Leadership and management
  • Personal development
  • Early years provision

Ofsted said about the school:

“Teachers understand what each pupil and group needs to move on to the next steps in learning, and use assessment information precisely to plan the next stages of learning.

“In this way, disadvantaged pupils who receive help through additional funding to accelerate their progress are making some of the strongest improvements over time.” 

The Academy uses a value-led curriculum, promoting a culture of respect throughout the children’s learning. Ofsted praised staff for their ambitious teaching, from Early Years right through to Year 6. The report recognised the supportive culture of the school and reads:

“Fostering pupils’ personal development and welfare underpin every aspect of the school’s work. Pastoral care is exemplary, especially for vulnerable pupils.”

Philip Pearce, Headteacher at Co-op Academy Nightingale, said:

“I am thrilled with the report and the recognition we are getting as a staff team and as a school community. 

“We do what is right by our children, our families and our community, and this rating demonstrates the hard work and dedication put into our school by everyone here.”

CEO of Co-op Academies Trust, Chris Tomlinson, said:

“Nightingale is a great example of what a successful free school looks like. 

“Co-op Academies worked with the local community to build a school that not only meets their needs, but helps their children excel. We are very proud of everyone at Nightingale, and I am personally excited to see what the future holds”

Co-op Academy Nightingale is in the process of building an extension to their already impressive provision, which will aim to be completed in 2023, allowing the school to continue to grow and offer additional support to SEN children in the area.