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A Community Fridge launches at Co-op Academy Manchester

Co-op Academy Manchester has opened a Community Fridge to make surplus food freely available to local people.

Co-op Academy Manchester has opened a Community Fridge to make surplus food freely available to local people. 

The Fridge is part of a growing network supported by environmental charity, Hubbub and its partner Co-op. Surplus perishable food is donated by businesses or members of the public and made available for all. This is one of four fridges now having launched within Co-op Academies Trust. 

Co-op Academy Manchester has created a space where anyone can exchange food that would otherwise go to waste. It’s a solution that promotes a spirit of sharing and mutual support within the community.

Community Fridges are open to everyone, regardless of means. They are a friendly, accessible and community-led initiative where users can share recipes and spark ideas around wider social and environmental action.

Year 7 student, Zuzanna, who is part of the academy’s Eco Committee says:

“A third of all food produced for humans globally goes to waste. The average UK household can save £60 a year by avoiding food waste. I’m proud to see our Community Fridge reducing the environmental impact of food waste, which is a huge issue.”

Academy Principal, Chris Beard, says: 

“I’m looking forward to our Fridge growing and becoming an important asset for Higher Blackley. 

“The Fridge is currently opening once a week but as donations and volunteers increase, it will further support the community as a space for tackling food waste and protecting the environment.”

CEO of Co-op Academies Trust, Dr Chris Tomlinson, said: 

“I am very proud and delighted that Co-op Academy Manchester is another one of our schools that are supporting and helping its community in such a positive way. 

“The community support and services we offer across our Trust really reflect how much we care about the communities we serve.”

Higher Blackley’s Community Fridge will be open on Tuesdays 3.30pm – 4.30pm.

If you would like to support the Fridge as a donor or a volunteer, you can by getting in touch with the community team at: