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A Message from our CEO, Chris Tomlinson

To our Students, Families and Colleagues

To our Students, Families and Colleagues

The effort and commitment of colleagues in our Co-op Academies, and in our hub and central offices, during this very challenging time has been incredible and amazing. 

Our students caught up in the middle of all this, your maturity and positive attitudes have made me proud, thank you. Year 11 and 13 students; we will do everything possible to ensure your life hopes, ambitions and aspirations can still be achieved and fulfilled. I am so sorry that this has happened to you.

Businesses and colleagues across the country are making a difference in such a difficult situation. I’m proud that our colleagues have stepped up too, you’re making a difference to our communities. Our academies are facing the challenges ahead with real determination. 

As a Trust, we’re making decisive decisions and we’ll make sure we give clear advice that goes above and beyond to make sure our students and colleagues are safe. It has been a pleasure working with our Heads and Principals these past few weeks. They’ve been positive and resilient and shown fantastic leadership – it makes my job a lot easier when they are as great as they have been.

Thank you to Co-op for their amazing donation of food vouchers for over 6,500 of our students who would usually receive free school meals. This £20 a week for every week of unplanned closure will really help our families. 

To all the parents, carers and extended families who have supported us during this time, thank you. You’ve been patient and understanding in a time when we needed it most. Everything we are doing wouldn’t be possible without your support. 

And I keep saying this, but our colleagues are incredible. What a week they’ve had and they’re still smiling and preparing for what comes next. None of us has been through anything like this before, but they’ve thrived and shown us all what our ‘Ways of Being’ really mean.

Thank you and please stay safe. 

Chris Tomlinson