Gift Vouchers FAQ

Who will have vouchers provided?

All students/pupils registered for free school meals will be issued with a voucher card.  For families with more than one child at a Co-op academy, this will mean a card per child.

How does my child get their card?

Your academy will have a list of children eligible for free school meals, your academy will have made contact with families eligible to make arrangements for collection, or for your vouchers to be posted if you are currently self isolating.  If you believe that you are eligible, but have not been contacted by your academy, please contact them.

What is the gift voucher value?

Each voucher card is pre-loaded with £20, this will be automatically topped up each Monday.

Will the voucher cards be topped up during schools holidays?

Voucher cards will be topped up for weeks during term-time and during the Easter Holidays.

Where can I use the voucher card?

You voucher card will work in Co-op Group food stores.  A full list of stores can be found here:

Voucher cards will not work in other retailers, including Independent Co-operative Societies.

How does my voucher card work?

You should take your card to be processed at the till.  Co-op colleagues have been briefed on how to process voucher cards.  If you have any problems using your card, please check that the card has been swipped to process.  If the card is scanned it will show a nil amount.

What happens if I don’t use the full £20?

Any of the £20 not spent will roll over to the following week.  You will not lose any of the value of the card if you do not use it in any week.  The value of the card will cumulate for the time that this scheme is available by the Co-op. For example, if you do not use your card in the first week you will have £40 on the card next Monday.

What should I do if I lose or damage my voucher card?

If your voucher card is lost, stolen or damaged, please contact your academy.

They will be able to order a replacement card.  Please note that any cards reported lost, damaged to stolen will be cancelled and any outstanding balance will be transferred to a new card.  It will take 3-5 days for a new card to be issued.