Our Trust

Our Trust

Through a great education, we are changing the lives of young people across the north of England. Built on the same principles as all co-operatives across the world, we work with academies to empower teachers and young people to work together for a better education and a better community.

We have consistently been one of the highest performing multi-academy trusts in the Government’s Multi-Academy Trust League Table and we have also been recognised by the Sutton Trust Charity as one top performing multi-academy trusts for disadvantaged students.

What makes our Trust unique is that we are sponsored by the Co-op Group. That close relationship means that we benefit from all of the business expertise that has seen the Co-op grow to one of the most respected, successful businesses in the country.

Popular with students, parents and teachers, we began in 2010 with just two academies. One in Manchester and one in Stoke-on-Trent. Two years later, in 2012, we began to work with a cluster of academies in Leeds and by 2014 we had five academies in Leeds; made up of one secondary and four primary academies. Pragmatic in our approach to growth we worked closely and co-operatively to improve all of our academies. Improving results and impressive Ofsted inspections lead to schools requesting to join our Trust.

In 2018, as the Trust reached twelve academies, the Co-op Group invested £3.6million into the academies programme. Its ambition was to move to 40 schools, educating up to 40,000 young people in the north of England by 2022.

In 2020 the Trust reached 26 academies across three hubs.