Flo Hadley

Flo Hadley

Having qualified as a secondary teacher, Flo taught in three urban secondary schools in the West Midlands before moving to work in higher education, first as senior lecturer in education at North Staffordshire Polytechnic and then as principal lecturer at Liverpool Polytechnic. In 1987, she became one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors, inspecting schools and teacher training, with particular responsibility for the evaluation of in-service education and training of teachers and senior management teams.

In 2004, she became divisional manager for children’s services inspections, working with eight other inspectorates, including police, health, social care, prisons and probation.

Since retiring, Flo has a diverse range of interests. She became a police volunteer with West Mercia Police, staffing the local police station and working with police officers in the Neighbourhood Team to organise events for the community. She is the secretary and treasurer of Ludlow Amateur Boxing Club, a registered charity whose members range from 10 to 25 years and which links closely with the local community in the most deprived area of the town. She is an avid gardener, chairs the local horticultural society and organises an annual competition for pre-school and primary school children locally to foster their knowledge of growing food.


Date of appointment   01/09/2014
Term of office  4 years
Date of resignation  30/08/2018
Relevant business and pecuniary interests  Chair- Cleobury Mortimer Horticultural Society

Secretary – Ludlow Amateur Boxing Club

Attendance record 2017-18  4/4