Our Values

Our Values

The Trust is sponsored by the Co-op Group, the largest member-owned business in the UK. The Co-op Group uses the skills and knowledge of its people to support governance of our academies, and provides work-related learning opportunities for learners of all ages.

Co-op Academies Trust is committed to the values shared by co-operatives everywhere:

  • Self-help – we support learners, parents, carers and staff to help themselves
  • Self-responsibility – we encourage learners, parents, carers and staff to take responsibility for, and answer to their actions
  • Democracy – we give our learners, parents, carers and staff a say in the way we run our schools
  • Equality – we believe that the voice of each individual should be heard
  • Equity – we run our schools in a way that is fair and unbiased
  • Solidarity – we share interests and common purposes with our learners, parents, carers and staff, and with other schools in the communities we serve

We strive to demonstrate the following ethical values in everything we do:

  • Openness – we believe in being open with colleagues in our schools and beyond, children and their families, sharing information and ideas to raise standards and life chances
  • Honesty – we act in a professional and respectful manner in our dealings with everyone
  • Social responsibility – we maximise our impact on the people in our communities while minimising our footprint on the world
  • Caring for Others – we treat everyone as we wish to be treated ourselves, understanding that children only have one childhood

And we encourage our colleagues to live the Ways of Being Co-op.

  • Succeed together – Co-operating is what makes us different; we’re better and stronger when we work together.
  • Be yourself, always – We bring our best self to the academy, so that we each contribute and respect others for doing the same. Of course, being yourself isn’t about excusing poor behaviours that contradict our other Ways of Being Co-op.
  • Do what matters most – What matters most is ensuring that our students achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • Show you care – We care about our Trust, our colleagues, our students, their parents, our Co-op and communities, now and for the future.