Our Strategic Objectives

Our Strategic Objectives

All of our academies:

  • are the first choice for children, young people, parents and carers in the community
  • are judged as highly effective by Ofsted, other relevant bodies and those that engage with them
  • provide an engaging, inspiring and innovative curriculum that equips children and young people with the skills, knowledge, understanding and qualifications they need to make a success of their lives
  • are places where it is enjoyable to go to school and to work and, within realistic parameters, risk-taking and making mistakes are considered important elements of learning
  • are viewed as ‘bright stars’ of excellence that exemplify the positive impact of co-operation, culture (including sport), business and charity work within the community
  • provide effective support and guidance for assisting in the next stage of education, employment or training
  • adopt approaches that are sustainable, environmentally and Fairtrade friendly
  • benefit from a mutually constructive relationship with The Co-op as Trust sponsor.


All of our children and young people:

  • are successful regardless of age, gender, ability, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or economic circumstances
  • have high aspirations and know how they can achieve them
  • know how to learn successfully, and keep themselves safe and healthy
  • understand the rich heritage of co-operation and how it can be a force for good in society
  • have had the opportunity to engage with employees and members of the Co-op to assist in their preparation for work and later education and employment choices in life
  • are successful in entering the world of training, education or employment equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge, attitudes, confidence and self-esteem to succeed as active members of society.


All of our staff:

  • work hard to be highly effective employees, engage in professional development that has a demonstrable and positive influence on classroom practice and/or whole school performance and develops them as learning professionals
  • develop in a professional, ethical and moral environment, able to progress up the career ladder within the Trust and beyond
  • are committed to co-operative values and principles and demonstrate them to children, young people, parents and each other through all that they do
  • have had the opportunity to engage with employees and members of the Co-op to assist their understanding of the skills, knowledge and understanding required to be successful in later education and employment choices for students/pupils
  • are treated with respect and dignity regardless of their age, gender and sexual orientation, religion, marriage and civil partnership arrangement, disability, race or maternity and paternity situation
  • are recognised for the positive impact they make and their successes celebrated.


The Trust:

  • is efficient and effective, promoting the highest educational aspirations for all and focused on achieving the best personal outcomes of children and young people
  • grows steadily in a measured and considered fashion
  • carefully selects new schools/academies on the basis of their commitment to co-operation and their ability to work effectively integrate with our existing academies
  • is valued by the Co-op as a vehicle for effective co-operative work to transform lives and communities, in addition to providing development opportunities for its business and those who work for it
  • effectively engages with other co-operative schools and is open to new opportunities as they arise
  • is emulated by others nationally so that it becomes ‘The Co-op Way’.


We have identified six key priorities arising from our strategic objectives on which we will focus to the end of 2018. They are to:

  • further improve outcomes for children and young people, including their attainment, and the ratings awarded by Ofsted in its inspections of academies within the Trust
  • ensure that all staff engage in professional development activities that enable them to develop their skills, co-operative commitment and leadership skills as appropriate, and have a demonstrable impact on improving teaching and learning
  • develop further the curriculum, careers advice and personal guidance, taking full advantage of our co-operative links, to better prepare young people to enter work, further education or training
  • ensure financial security, stability and probity across the Trust
  • expand through careful risk assessment the number of academies in the Trust through collaboration and cooperation and through building its reputation for delivering high quality education
  • further develop the relationship with the Trust’s sponsor to mutual benefit so that more opportunities are made available for the academies to benefit from the considerable expertise and learning opportunities on offer and so that the work of the Trust is known and valued by the Co-op’s members and employees.