Our Core Offer and Expectations

Our Core Offer and Expectations

Whether you are reading this as a member of one of our existing academies or as a representative of a school/academy looking to join us, we hope you find this helpful. This outlines our Co-op values, strategic objectives and our core offer. 

Co-op Academies Trust is a successful, vibrant Trust made up of equally successful and vibrant individual academies comprising highly talented and committed colleagues.

The Trust’s academies, as recognised by the Sutton Trust and Ofsted, improve pupils’ life chances. We are, for example, closing the gap between the achievement of disadvantaged pupils and their peers. Through our partnership with The Bell Foundation we are undertaking excellent work in promoting social harmony and with pupils who have English as an additional language. In all our academies, co-operative values lie at the heart of leaders’ and pupils’ work. As such, excellent school-to-school support alongside the drawing on national best practice through its consultants are key elements in driving academy improvement.

Alongside the huge talent in our academies, our central team brings a wealth of experience and practical knowledge. The Trust’s central team includes members who have been successful school leaders, former Senior HMI and current Ofsted inspectors, and experts in finance, governance, human resources and communications and marketing.

The Trust ensures that all available resources are focused on pupil/student improvement. The funds for this work are provided through a ‘top slice’ arrangement. For the current year this has been set at 3% of total funding from each academy excluding pupil premium funding. The arrangements for the ‘top slice’ are regularly reviewed to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Our Co-op Values and Expectations

The Trust and the Aims for its Academies

Our Strategic Objectives

Our Core Offer