December 13, 2016

Government Praises Co-operative Academies Approach to Workload

The Department for Education has praised the Co-operative Academies Trust for the way it is tackling issues around staff workload. The Trust published its first workload report in October with several key recommendations.

The report was produced by the Workload Group, made up of teaching and non-teaching staff across the academies.

In the recent ‘Good practice guidance and expectations for growth’ report published by the Department for Education, it points to the CAT report as an example of good practice.

It states:

“The DfE published three reports looking at teacher workload in Spring 2016. In response, the Co-operative Academy Trust invited teaching and non-teaching staff to join a working group to consider what could be gained through addressing the issue as a MAT. The trust knew there would be great value from a coordinated approach and found significant benefit in enabling discussion between staff in both phases across the eight schools the trust runs in the north of England.

When discussing planning, the working group recommended that reliable and robust schemes of work should be made available for all teachers and that a tailored approach to planning should be adopted, according to teacher needs and preferences. High expectations are set consistently across the trust but such an approach to planning ensures teacher creativity can be accommodated, as well as ensuring each subject has the most appropriate planning format and approach to achieve the highest standards. Shared schemes also mean that workload issues can be addressed.”

Speaking about the recognition Frank Norris said “It’s wonderful that the Co-operative Academies Trust has been recognised. We’ve focussed heavily on making improvements for our staff and ensuring they are engaged in the process. A review of the impact of the workload report is to be undertaken in 2017 and the findings will be reported back to the trust board and staff.”

You can find the full report here.