March 07, 2016

The Trust hits the TV screens and newspapers for all the right reasons

During the last few weeks the trust has been on ITV news, BBC Breakfast, Radio5Live and local TV in Leeds. In addition, it has received some very positive publicity from the significant increase in students numbers at some of our secondary academies.

- Woodlands Co-operative Academy pupils were filmed as they took part in a World War 2 themed focus day at Lotherton Hall, as part of an IntoUniversity programme. The Director of the Trust came along to take a look at the great work pupils were doing around aspirations and their futures. The clip can be found using the following link.

- Following a negative open letter sent by Ofsted to all schools and academies in Greater Manchester and Merseyside the trust responded by inviting senior inspectors from Ofsted to visit our Manchester academies. The journey of improvement for all of our academies is impressive and it was unfair to criticise all schools and academies in a blanket way. ITV news led on the story and interviewed the Director of the Trust. The clip was shown on the 10 o'clock news across the country.

- The attendance figures of pupils at The Co-operative Academy of Manchester are very impressive. The academy is placed in the top 70 schools nationally including all of the selective Grammar schools. A major achievement. Radio5Live heard about this and spent an entire morning at the academy this week recording what will be a 15 minute piece for the Daily Show. We are not yet sure of the broadcast date but we will inform all academies so that they can either listen live or on BBC radio iplayer.

- Rebecca Smith, the Principal at The Manchester Creative and Media Academy, was interviewed on the red sofa on BBC Breakfast chatting about the efforts she makes to balance her work and family life commitments. Also, on the same day, the academy's footballers were shown playing for Alan Shearer's team against a Robbie Savage team as part of a football marathon challenge for Sports Relief.

- In addition, we have had some great press surrounding the rapid increase in student numbers at The co-operative Academy of Stoke. The Sentinel newspaper carried quotes from the Principal Nick Lowry explaining how the rise in student numbers matches the continuing improvements in the 'good' academy overall.