March 14, 2016

Fair Trade Breakfast

Maybe this morning you enjoyed coffee from Kenya, bananas from Columbia, tea from India or juice from Brazilian oranges, and hopefully they were Fairtrade. Nightingale Primary Academy have recently played host to a big Fairtrade breakfast for the whole school.

Before the Fairtrade morning staff were able to discuss with students what Fairtrade means, which Fairtrade products we can buy in our local shops, and how we can spot one – even creating our own Fairtrade logos.  In later lessons students learnt about the journey of a Fairtrade banana from farmer to consumer, and were taught the importance of; better prices, improved working conditions and fairer terms of trade for farmers and workers.

Students were able to try a selection of Fairtrade goodies, from bananas and blueberries to chocolate and honey! The wonderful school catering staff baked a delicious selection of banana and blueberry breakfast muffins, which were a big hit – if smiling faces are anything to go by.

Students in Year 2 created Fairtrade badges for the event which they wore to the breakfast, and they really enjoyed trying blueberries for the first time and learning about Fairtrade.

Miss Bradshaw was able to talk to her class about improving the life of farmers, and one of her students said: “When my next tooth falls out, I’ll give the money to a Fairtrade farmer to help his family.”

The Big Fairtrade Breakfast is an initiative by the Fairtrade Foundation to get your local stores to stock more Fairtrade produce, raise awareness of the importance of paying a fair price for imported goods, and to unite communities over Fairtrade food. Our sponsors at the Co-operative Group proudly stock a range of Fairtrade products that we were able to eat during our breakfast!

Anyone who eats and drinks one Fairtrade food item or drink constitutes taking part in a Fairtrade breakfast. Make sure to register your breakfast on Twitter, using the hashtag #growingstories