January 20, 2016

Junior Jam

Junior Jam provide a weekly educational session for students in Key Stage 1 and 2, giving a dynamic approach to help young people explore the national curriculum.  They have been in our Academy recently delivering Spanish, Thai Boxing and iPad media lessons, which are always highly enjoyable for those who take part.

The Spanish lessons which are delivered by a native Spanish speaker, allow students to really pick up the correct accents and pronunciations which are indicative to Spain.  The interactive lessons are brought to life with a mixture of repetition, practice, videos and games.

This week Year 2 were learning about colours, and pets.  By the end of the session they were even able to say, “un conejillo de las indias”, which was tricky to begin with, and means guinea pig: it roughly translates to small rabbit from India – you learn something new every day!

The students relished the opportunity to try out their Spanish naming colours, animals and different parts of Spain.  During Spanish lessons students are also given an insight into the culture of Spain:  A short video during the lesson introduced students to Spanish foods; dishes of particular interest were Paella, Tortilla and Churros.

Language is just one of the many areas covered during the week.  Specialist coaches are able to provide an Apple Media iPad session: this week Year 1 were learning the tricky art of computer coding.

The interactive activity saw students partnered up to learn how to code with a range of interactive exercises, guided tutorials and games to make coding fun. Students experienced a great sense of achievement as they worked through the game which they had created, and by the end of the lesson their knowledge of computer logic was greatly improved.

Students used the iPad to create their own game, using computer codes to write the route of a maze, allowing a ball to travel through it successfully.  One of our little coders said: “I like coding and getting my ball through to the next level, I’m an iPad master!”

Finally this week a group of Year 2 students were practising the disciplined art of Thai boxing: the national sport of Thailand dates back to 1650.  The lessons promote and help to develop basic tenets of good character, honesty, integrity, respect, fairness and compassion, many of which are shared values of The Co-operative Academies Trust.  The students particularly enjoyed sparring in pairs.  It’s a great opportunity to be able to introduce students to new sports, which they may one day take up at a higher level.