December 17, 2015

Real Junk Food Project

This Tuesday at Nightingale Primary Academy we took part in the Fuel for Schools awareness day to stop hunger, kick start learning, and educate the next generation about food waste and the environment.

The Real Junk Food Project delivers food using safe and ethically sourced produce, to provide delicious meals which would otherwise be thrown away.  The project has a Café in Leeds that has fed 10,000 people, using 20 tonnes of perfectly useable, unwanted food.  The Leeds based café is raising money to buy the building the project is housed in, and have so far raised over £30,000.  The ‘pay as you feel’ moto allows customers to pay what they felt their meal was worth – which has proven to be very popular!

The partnership between Richmond Hill and the Armley-based Real Junk Food Project saw 22 Leeds schools take part in the scheme which provided students with a Fuel for School breakfast, Nightingale Primary Academy was one of the schools who chose to take part.

Head of school Sarah Woodland said: “The Reception and Year One students really enjoyed tucking into their jam sandwiches, raisins, fresh fruit and milkshakes before their Christmas performance on Tuesday morning.  It was also a great opportunity to teach our students about food waste and the importance of eating breakfast.”

The primary Academy already has a well-attended breakfast club which was launched by the Nightingale parent’s forum.  The early morning club sees children get a nutritious breakfast which sets them up for the day ahead, but this was the first time the school had taken part in the Real Junk Food Project.

Andrew Opie, British Retail Consortium director of food and sustainability, said “We currently have both food poverty and food surpluses and retailers have proved very willing to step up and make sure that useable excess stock goes to charities and redistribution organisations across the UK."

For more information about the Real Junk Food Project, or to find your nearest ‘pay what you feel’ cafe you can visit the website at: