This page contains information on Trust policies and procedures.  If the topic you are looking for is not covered, please contact the relevant academy direct in the first instance.

Allegations of abuse against staff

If an allegation is made against a member of staff, the quick resolution of that allegation should be a clear priority to the benefit of all concerned.  This policy sets out the approach that will be taken within the Trust’s academies to deal with this type of complaint.

Anti-Fraud and Anti-Bribery Policy

This policy and procedure define the expected conduct of all staff engaged at the Trust, whether in paid or voluntary employment, including (sub)contractors & supply/agency staff, and also Board members & governors, in relation to deterring and/or detecting fraud and bribery, and who to report it to.

Anti-slavery & human trafficking policy

Modern slavery is a crime and a violation of fundamental human rights. We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships, and ensuring there is transparency in our own business and in our approach to tackling modern slavery throughout our supply chains.  We are also committed to raising awareness of modern slavery & human trafficking through our work with pupils / students.


Anti-slavery & human trafficking statement

In line with the provisions of the Modern Slavery Act (2015), the Trust will publish an annual statement on what it is doing to combat modern slavery and human trafficking in our organisation and supply chain.  This statement relates to our financial year ending 31 August 2017.


This procedure applies to all employees of the Trust and aims to encourage them to achieve and maintain acceptable and agreed levels of performance.  It helps to ensure provision of support towards improvement, and fairness & consistency in the management of under-performance.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Policy

The purpose of this policy is to regulate the management, operation and use of CCTV systems in our academy.

Complaints Policy

This policy statement sets out the approach of The Co-op Academies Trust, and the academies within this Trust, to dealing with parental concerns and complaints.

Credit Card Policy

To allow Academy personnel access to efficient and alternative means of payment for approved expenses, while maintaining the necessary controls over the use of academy or Trust funds.
To improve managerial reporting related to credit card purchases.
To improve efficiency and reduce costs of payables processing.
To reduce the need for petty cash.

Disciplinary Procedure

This procedure is designed to help and encourage all employees to achieve and maintain high levels of conduct and to ensure fairness, equity and consistency in the management of employee conduct. It applies to all employees within the Trust.

Driving at Work Policy

The policy is focused on the use of Trust vehicles and the occasional movement of pupils / students in private vehicles.  It outlines our driver risk management arrangements, and provides general guidance / procedures to follow and sample document templates.  A policy on use of private vehicles by staff travelling to meetings / training courses is contained in an annex. 

Equality Objectives

Our equality objectives aim to provide a vehicle for moving forward the Trust’s vision for equality.  Progress against these is reviewed and reported on annually, in line with our public sector equality duty.  This document contains information on the review which took place in summer 2017.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

The Trust’s vision is that by valuing diversity and being inclusive it will enable the communities it serves to achieve highly.  The Equality, Diversity & Inclusion policy, which outlines the Trust’s overall approach, was approved by the Trust Board in January 2015 and reviewed in July 2017.

Flexible working

This policy provides a framework within which eligible employees can exercise their right to apply to work flexibly, so that a fair and consistent approach is exercised in respect of all requests.

General Expenses Policy

This policy is for the Directors of the Trust Board.  Governors and academy staff please see the local expenses policy within the academy. 

Gifts and Hospitality

This policy outlines the approach approved by The Co-operative Academies Trust (the Trust) relating to the acceptance by directors, staff and governors of gifts and hospitality of whatever nature from outside the Trust, whether from individuals or organisations. The policy also outlines the approved approach to the offering of gifts and hospitality by the Trust.

Grievance Procedure

The Trust recognises the right of every employee to express a grievance and be given a fair hearing.  This procedure applies to all employees of the Trust, and provides a system to enable employee grievances to be resolved fairly, consistently and promptly in order to minimise any conflict or disruption in the workplace.

Management of Health & Safety Policy Statement

This policy statement provides our organisation’s strategic overview of the management of health & safety within the Trust.  Please contact individual academies for further information on academy-specific health & safety matters.

Pay Policy – Teachers

The Trust believes that a fair, transparent and consistent pay policy is important in recognising and rewarding teachers as highly skilled professionals.  This policy relates to the 2017/18 academic year and applies to all teaching staff employed by the Trust, including senior leaders paid under the terms of the School Teachers’ Pay & Conditions Document (STPCD).

Performance Management – Support Staff

Performance management process for support staff, which will provide an opportunity for review, reflection, the celebration of success, and access to professional development and training opportunities, to assist colleagues in working to a high standard and achieving their full potential.

Performance Management – Teachers

This policy sets out the framework for clear and consistent assessment of the overall performance of teachers and academy-based leadership staff, and for supporting their development needs.

Reward and Recognition Framework

This document sets out a framework within which the Trust's academies can reward and recognise good work and individuals or group of colleagues ‘going the extra mile’.  Within this framework, and co-operative values, academies have the flexibility to operate the scheme locally in a way which best needs their needs.

Safer Recruitment Policy

This document sets out the policy and procedures to be adopted in order to ensure that the recruitment process for the Co-operative Academies Trust (CAT) is as safe as possible and helps to deter, reject or identify people who might abuse children. It is applicable to all of our Academies, and includes the central Trust team, Local Governing Bodies & the Trust Board.

Scheme of Delegation

Co-operative Academies Trust - Scheme of Delegation

Special Leave

The Trust recognises that its employees have a life outside of work as individuals, and as part of their family and the wider community, and this sometimes unavoidably places demands on them during normal working hours.  This policy aims to ensure fairness and consistency in the way in which requests for time off from work, and the circumstances in which paid leave and unpaid leave may be granted, are dealt with across the Trust.

Staff Code of Conduct, including Electronic Communications policy

Pupils/students, parents/carers, colleagues and governors expect the highest standards of behaviour from the people working within the Trust.  This document outlines the minimum standards that all persons working on our academy premises are expected to conform to.

Stress at Work Policy

The Trust is committed to promoting a healthy & supportive working environment, and acknowledges the importance of identifying and reducing workplace stressors.  This policy sets out roles & responsibilities for the proactive management of stress, and provides guidance and risk assessment tools to help facilitate this.

Supporting Attendance - Guidance for Managers

This guidance will be adopted in our academies from September 2016. 

It provides additional information to assist managers who are using the Trust’s Supporting Attendance Policy.

Supporting Attendance Policy

This policy will be adopted in our academies from September 2016. 

The Trust is committed to promoting the health, safety and wellbeing of all its staff and we will support and assist individuals who may have health difficulties.  This policy provides a consistent framework to support colleagues who are unable to work due to illness and assist them back to work as quickly as possible, giving appropriate support to improve attendance where necessary.

Trade Union Recognition & Facility Agreement

The Trust believes that representative trade unions help ensure good employee relations.  This document sets out the agreement between the Trust and the trade unions it recognises for individual and collective representation, consultation and negotiation purposes.

Travel and Expense Policy Statement

This policy statement provides a Trust-wide framework. Academies may adopt individual expense policies within the requirements of this policy statement. Updates to academy policies must be done with the input of the Trust Finance Director to ensure consistency.


The Trust is committed to the highest possible standards of openness, probity and accountability.  This policy facilitates any employee with serious concerns about the work of the Trust or one of its academies to come forward and voice those concerns.